Our Beginnings

In May of 1975 a group of 18 students and teachers of the Green and White Weaving Classes met at the home of one of their teachers, Carrie Oliphant, to discuss the formation of a handweavers guild. At that time, Carrie and Ellenbeth Hobbs suggested that the aims of a guild should focus upon:
  1. the inspiration of encouragement gained by sharing one's ideas and experiences (successful or otherwise)
  2. the giving and receiving of friendly advice and criticism
  3. participation in group projects or learn more about some specific aspect of weaving.
Before this first meeting was over, Carol White, Doris Pugh, and Patricia Pegg were chosen to become the new guild's Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively, and names for the new guild were suggested. From such an enthusiastic beginning one could predict a dynamic future and this has proven to be the case.

Meeting monthly at the homes of members, guild projects included colour wheels, minute looms used for Christmas weaving and tiny tapestries, a spring sale, films, and a field trip to suppliers in Queenston - all within the Shuttlebug Guild's first year of existence.

Throught the years members have shared insights and common problems ranging from which items and colours will sell at craft shows to problems such as how to 'borrow' peoples' china to match the colours for placemats.

Each year has brought changes, some new faces and more enthusiasm. In December 1977, the Pot Luck Christmas Luncheon was established as an annual tradition. In 1979 the Guild began preparing for the arrival of the 100 inch loom from Ontario Handspinners and Handweavers. The 1980 - 81 weaving year was exceptionally busy as Shuttlebug Members clocked in 2,536 1/4 hours on dear 100 inch 'Lucy'.