Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Welcome to Shuttlebugs 2023.


                                              The WEAVING ROOM

Shuttlebugs is a guild of weavers and spinners and we meet in the Greenwood Community Centre. We have monthly meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:00. The monthly meetings are followed by a short programme or presentation on various topics. We also hold several workshops throughout the year. These are usually held at the weekend.

We also have monthly spinning sessions which occur on the last Monday of each month at 10:00am. We welcome new members and membership entitles you to borrow books and equipment from the guild. The yearly membership cost is $35.00.

Members meet on most Mondays to weave starting around 10:00am. We have a variety of looms ranging from table looms, 4 and 8 shaft looms and a 60" and 100" loom. The majority of looms have warps already set to weave or there is a loom for individual projects which you can arrange to use. You can sign up for any of the pre-warped projects. We can also arrange for lessons for members who are beginner weavers. There are many experienced weavers who are very happy to offer assistance when needed. 

Each year we have the President's Challenge. Members show and share their projects at the June meeting. This year's challenge is to make an item in any medium which reflects your cultural background.

Executive and Leaders 2023

President - Annie Dunleavy

Vice President - Carol Ann White

Past President - Gayle Kahn

Treasurer - Charlotte Brens

Secretary - Dini Page

Library - Eleanor Franklin

Loom Projects - Ulla Robinson

History - Alice Keenan

Programmes & Workshops - Gini Sage and Judy Findlay

Website/Blogger administrator - Brian Dunleavy


If you would like more information or to discuss visiting our guild please contact Annie Dunleavy - Phone: 905-440-5757 or email anniedun52@gmail.com

May 2023 Meeting

 Doreen Stainton gave a demonstration of her sock knitting machine. Those who attended enjoyed the demonstration.

Show and Share

April 2023 Meeting

 We had a wonderful presentation from Rebecca Lampard on spinning. Rebecca talked about different techniques for blending colours to achieve variegated yarns. Rebecca was very inspirational and her talk was enjoyed by the many spinners and weavers in attendance. Rebecca may be offering spinning workshops at the guild in 2023/2024.

Show and Share


                                      Stephanie's beaded eggs

                                           Annie's woven reed basket

                                       Judy F.'s Falkland spun yarn

                                           Rosemary's knitted hedgehogs

                                           Margot's handknit extra long socks

                                                Gini's triaxle weaving

                                                Dini's overshot , mercerized cotton table runners

                                                Carol Ann's garlic baskets

March 2023 Meeting

 We started the afternoon with Triaxle weaving led by Carol Ann White and assisted by Dini Page. Everyone concentrated very hard on the project and took their item home to finish.

Show and Share

                                                     Gayle's cable sweater  

                                                 Gini's hand spinning

Monday, 6 March 2023

February 2023 Meeting

 We were happy to welcome Doreen Stainton  to the guild. At the February meeting Rosemary Oliver led a short programme on needle felting small sheep. The sheep were made using natural fleece from Windreach Farm. The programme was enjoyed by all.

Show and Share

                                                     Doreen Stainton's Hudson Bay socks from her sock                                                                 knitting machine

                                                     Gini's joined a charity 'Knitting & Crocheting Durham Region                                                 where items are donated to patients

                                                       A close up of Gini's crochet

                                                    A close up of Leslie's red woven vest with beads and                                                                embroidered rings that she taught us to make last month

                                           Leslie's red woven vest

                                                A close up of Leslie's embroidered rings

                                            Usha's pick up weaving

                                           A close up of Usha's design

                                                  Gayle's hand knitted sweater

                                                     A close up of Gayle's sweater

                                                     Janet's up cycled bag made from rugs and black sheets.

                                                      An interior view of Janet's bag

                                                       Carol Ann's tea towel

                                                           Another of Carol Ann's blue tea towels

January 2023 Meeting

 After our January meeting Leslie Sedore provided instructions and showed beautiful samples of embroidering circles. Everyone enjoyed this fun project. Thank you Leslie.

Show and Share

                                                     Ulla's woven tea towel

                                                     Ulla's 2/16 woven table runner

                                                      Another of Ulla's tea towels.

                                                     Dini's hand knitted socks

                                                     Eleanor's ikat weaving sample
                                                     A close up of Eleanor's ikat weaving

                                                      A close up of Leslie's woven shawl

                                                     Leslie's woven shawl.

                                                      Another close up of Leslie's shawl

                                                      Leslie used various yarns in her shawl

                                                      Many different weaving designs in Leslie's shawl

                                                          Judy Findlay's woven basket with silk fusion from Wendy                                                       Durfy's work shop

                                                     Alina's crackle weave tea towels and Rosemary's sideways                                                       knit hat from handspun

                                                      Alina's crackle weave runner
                                                      Leslie's knit shawl from fine yarn with a mohair edging and a                                                  fun hat designed by Leslie